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ClickMortar is created by AnthonyKan &JennyKu to serve primarily the Corporate Community in Singapore, but not without Global Reach in mind. 

The two bring together a wealth of experience in banking, advertising, property management & marketing, and a tested business model into  cyberspace, so as to keep in pace with customer's demand in the New Economy.  ClickMortar brings about a convergence of what worked in the past and what is expected now and in time to come.  A selected display of pictures below are testimonial to Customer's Confidence and Marketing Strategies that work.

With ClickMortar, Singapore based companies can now purchase their Commercial and Industrial properties, sell or lease their properties, get up-to-date market information and give instruction or make enquiries to ClickMortar, all under one roof.  They will also get the same personal touch as it has always been.

Companies outside Singapore can contact Anthony Kan at


This building at Riverside Road was successfully transacted at S$7.68 million.

This building at Tuas South was successfully transacted at S$12.7 million.















This six storey office building at Middle Road was tenanted at S$70,000-00 per month.

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